š¯—£ieces of Life is a record label and artist collective founded in Spain, committed to exploring the mystical, avant-garde, and emotional realms of visual arts and electronic music. Established by Yamil, Clemente, Thimble, and their long-time manager, the label embodies a unique philosophy: offering a personal vision that transcends mere music, creating an audio-visual concept that delivers a singular experience, distinct from mainstream trends and hype.

The inception of POL dates back to late 2019 when Yamil and his manager sought to create a platform for Yamil’s artistic expression, independent of the prevailing labels of the time. This vision led to the formation of a collective, quickly bringing Clemente and Thimble on board. Sharing similar musical passions, they collectively shaped the label into its current form.

Today, Pieces of Life is renowned for exclusively releasing original music from its three core members, with occasional collaborations or remixes from close friends and admired artists, enhancing its exclusivity. The DJ crewā€”Yamil, Clemente, and Thimbleā€”has gained international acclaim, performing extended back-to-back sets that showcase their unique concept. Thousands of attendees have experienced the Pieces of Life phenomenon firsthand at clubs, festivals, and extraordinary, one-of-a-kind venues worldwide.

Through its innovative approach and dedication to artistic integrity, Pieces of Life continues to make a significant impact on the global electronic music scene.

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